Viva! Health Group: Creating environments in which you thrive

We're a team of occupational therapists, physical therapists, ergonomics specialists, exercise physiologists, sports trainers, psychologists and dieticians servicing Brisbane and the Sunshine Coast.

As a speciality, niche consulting firm, we concern ourselves with the welfare of your business, people, and culture. We are interested in helping your organization achieve lingering transformation that leaves a legacy of change for the better. We want to see you exist in a workplace that is better than good; it is enviable and desirable. Imagine yourself in a place that attracts only the best and where great begets excellence.

We help reduce muscular aches, pains and strains on the job typically resulting from hazardous manual tasks or slips, trips, and falls. We specialise in mapping out complex, industrial ergonomics and risk management solutions.

We analyse the biodynamics of work activity. We are interested in human factors and psychodynamics. We offer highly specialised, customised, consulting service that builds upon the strengths of your workplace – through best-practice health and safety, ergonomics, occupational therapy, risk management, and wellness initiatives, leadership development, and contextualised fitness training and facilitation.