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  • Construction Worket With Angle Grinder
  • Crew And Machinery At Sunset
  • Drinking Water
  • Leg Exercise
  • Office Desk And Chair
  • Relaxing With Feet On A Desk
  • Safety Helmet At Construction Site
  • Warehouse Worker With Hi Visibility Jacket
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Viva | Health at Work

Create Environments in Which You Thrive

Viva helps you showcase enterprising leadership and achieve award-winning human-centred design solutions.

We specialise in human factors and ergonomics solutions: physical ergonomics, neuro-cognitive ergonomics, and organisational ergonomics.

Services include:

  • Human factors design
  • Organisational systems review
  • Ergonomics - industrial and office
  • Green Star Interiors - ergonomics credit
  • Training - leadership, safety, health and wellness

Our concern is the welfare of your business, people and culture. We are interested in helping your organisation achieve lingering transformation that leaves a legacy of change for the better. We want to see you exist in a workplace that is better than good; it is enviable and desirable – where greatness begets excellence.

Vi Work
Organisational ergonomics
Maximise vitality at work
Vi Body
Physical ergonomics
Enhance physical performance
Vi Mind
Psychological ergonomics
Optimise human performance capability
Viva! Health at Work - Brisbane, Sunshine Coast, Gold Coast