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Green Star Ergonomics

ViOffice Office Ergonomics

Employee performance in the office is critical to how decisions are made and executed throughout the business. The health and productivity of the office worker is dependant upon physical, cognitive, psychosocial, environmental, and organisational factors.

ViOffice addresses essential workplace factors including job and task analysis, design for health and productivity, equipment selection for work teams or prescription for an individual. We are engaged to help with pre-occupancy and post-occupancy fit outs, as well as training to large or small groups, and 1:1 service consultation. We help, also, with advisory services that support a distributed workforce (how is work managed when work can occur anywhere, anytime?).

The ViOffice program considers:

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Distributed workforce management: strategies, systems, and risk management to support evolving and agile work where work may occur anywhere, anytime. We ask: Are workers working from home or living at work? And what are the implications of these new arrangements?

Occupational diseases and ill-health arising from sedentary activities at a traditional computer workstation

Equipment specifications for procurement fit-out

Strategies to achieve the Green Building Council ergonomics credit or the IWBI Well BuildingTM accreditation

Change management strategies to assist workers during a fit-out or refurbishment

Early intervention to support workers whose discomforts at their workstation reveal their cumulative exposure to work hazards

Training needs for office workstation assessors and for occupants of new premises

Office ergonomics or control room work hazard exposures for individuals and teams and subsequent re-design

Vehicle ergonomics – when the vehicle “cab” is the “office”

Discovery Services

Job and task analysis for the office or industrial control room setting

Office workstation annual reviews for equipment set-up, screening of workforce needs, and training

1:1 individual assessment of and training for workstation set-up, health factors, and productivity

Control room design assessment

Assessment and advice to support the attainment of the Green Building Council of Australia’s ergonomics credit or WELL Building IWBI™ accreditation

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Design Services

ViChairSelector: a web-based tool to help procurement and project management teams determine their selection criteria and test weighted options for office chairs. When managing a large fit-out and in need of defensible decision making to support procurement decisions, transparency and communication among work teams can be aided by multi-criterion decision making. This decision-making tool supports the evaluation of office workstation chairs.

Agile and activity-based work design philosophies, concepts, features, and strategies can be provided while working with directly with design teams.

Control room design recommendations

Distributed workforce management design strategies – an organisational systems analysis with design ideation and concepts to support the management and work teams

Realisation Services

ViOffice Workstation Practitioner Foundation Level 1 Certification training

ViOffice Workstation Advisor Level 2 Certification training

ViOffice Jessie Case Study: an interactive office case study experience

Post-occupancy refurbishment or fit-out training of office workers

ViLearn Lecture series: lunch time or brief training talks to office workers about office ergonomics, or speciality topics such as lighting, acoustics and work performance, sensory profiles and design for neurodiversity, fatigue management, or good nutrition. Also, sedentary behaviour and low-impact physical activity, upper quadrant (upper limb) self-management strategies (“Straighten up to Power Up”), relaxation training, mindfulness training, or similar

Mind-body and physical fitness classes or services: yoga, relaxation, meditation, flexibility, Pilates, mindfulness, general fitness, and on-site soft tissue management services