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Ergonomics Training

ViLearn Ergonomics Training

Educating employees about the health benefits (physical and mental) of good work design is key to engagement. Workers can benefit from learning more about work design so that they can contribute in meaningful ways.

ViLearn provides certified practitioner training for office and industrial settings (Level 1 and 2), short education topics, on-line interactive training, custom-made webinars, and guest speaking for public events.

Some of the ViLearn education and training modules include:

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Discovery Services

We analyse the human factors task requirements of students or workers to prepare for curriculum design.

We can review work systems and job design to analyse the best possible methods to integrate new technology into learning systems, such as immersive technology or virtual reality experiences

Design Services

We determine, with working groups, the system resilience, teaching, and assessment factors that will enhance learning and training development

We work with technology partners to deliver new training modules that incorporate immersive technology or virtual reality experiences

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Realisation Services

ViOffice Workstation Practitioner Foundation Level 1 Certification training

ViOffice Workstation Advisor Level 2 Certification training

ViOffice Jessie Case Study: an interactive office case study experience

Post-occupancy refurbishment or fit-out training of office workers

ViLearn Lecture series: lunch time or brief training talks to office workers about office ergonomics, or speciality topics such as lighting, acoustics and work performance, sensory profiles and design for neurodiversity, fatigue management, or good nutrition. Also, sedentary behaviour and low-impact physical activity, upper quadrant (upper limb) self-management strategies (“Straighten up to Power Up”), relaxation training, mindfulness training, or similar

Organisational dynamics training: facilitate learning or innovation teams

Participatory ergonomics training and design team development, with ongoing consulting oversight as needed

Manual task risk management training workshops

ViTool TALKS about manual task risk management, hydration, postural reversal strategies, ergonomics and glove wear, or similar

Mind-body and physical fitness classes or services: yoga, relaxation, meditation, flexibility, Pilates, mindfulness, general fitness, and on-site soft tissue management services