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Corporate and Workplace Wellness

ViWell Workplace Wellness

ViWell provides evidence-based strategies to boost employee health, wellness, and engagement through collaboration, co-design, and education. A well-designed and implemented plan can create a culture of fun, contribute to personal and company resilience, and prevent burn-out by addressing sedentary environments, fatigue, physical fitness, mental agility, and positive thinking.

ViWell programs complement human factors and ergonomics programs: if you have a strong company culture then the wellness services contribute to the message that, “we care”. Wellness can and must be integrated into work system design to address structural business challenges and provide authentic, meaningful, and robust methods that contribute to employee health. ViWell offers an integrated organisational approach to wellness.

ViWell programmes are concerned with:

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Aligning wellness programming with general business strategy

Involving workers in a collaborative, consultative, co-design method of determining wellness and health programming of interest

Advancing a continuum of health, wellness, and well-being

Designing work that is meaningful, coherent, and manageable for workers

Workforce strategy now and in the future

Design for diversity

Collaborating with design teams to provide environments that promote health and wellness

Personal health and resilience, as well as public health initiatives

Promoting capability and helping work teams or individuals prevent burn-out or anxiety, building resilience strategies, mindfulness, and relaxation into daily routines and through work system design

Combating the ill-health effects of sedentary work and designing work to encourage participation and movement

Discovery Services

Job, task, and work system analysis: integrated analysis of human, cognitive, psychosocial, and physical factors

Organisational strategy review: for example, the integration of wellness, work health, safety, rehabilitation, employee engagement, workforce strategy, continuous improvement, operations, facilities management, and project management teams

Review and analysis of wellness programming management and content

Assess factors that contribute to systematic exposure to customer or team incivility, aggression, or violence or other factors that contribute to stressors and mental health disorders or musculoskeletal

Partnering with technology providers for real-time system monitoring to examine work design gaps and improvement areas

Analysis of neurological sensory profiles of individuals or work teams to inform design practices

Work climate survey administration

Watch an expert of our Occupational Advisor: Health & Work, Dave, talk about our ViTool Talk series.
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Design Services

Job and work re/design to support work performance, including programming support

Design for diversity strategies that help businesses enact their inclusivity policies

Establish environmental design principles to support well-being

Design of relaxation and rejuvenation strategies: environmental or virtual experiences, in partnership with design and technology teams

Design strategy to support neurological needs of individuals or teams to reduce anxiety at work and promote relaxation

Realisation Services

Design for diversity: we can facilitate work teams to advance re-design tasks so that the work is available to more workers of varied capability and background. This provides an inclusive workplace if work can be offered to as many people as possible

Organisational strategy review: we can advise about evidence-based plans to reduce psychosocial or physical hazard exposure

Organisational dynamics training: facilitate learning or innovation teams

Partnering with technology providers for immersive technology, modelling, simulation, gaming, or augmentative reality to aid high-fidelity learning, especially to reduce anxiety in high-risk environments or to allow for rejuvenation, reducing anxiety while engaging in a relaxation experience

ViLearn Lecture series: lunch time or brief training talks to office workers about office ergonomics, or speciality topics such as sensory profiles and design for neurodiversity, positive thinking, relaxation strategies, breath work, resilience, mindfulness, good nutrition, hydration. Also, sedentary behaviour and low-impact physical activity, upper quadrant (upper limb) self-management strategies (“Straighten up to Power Up”), relaxation training, mindfulness training, or similar

Mind-body and physical fitness classes or services: yoga, relaxation, meditation, flexibility, Pilates, mindfulness, general fitness, and on-site soft tissue management services