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Corporate and Workplace Wellness

Wellness by design. We combine human-factors design with wellness strategies to provide robust, resilient, and efficacious outcomes for well-being at work. A job role and needs analyses helps to inform the most desired and potentially effective design strategies that promote custom-tailored wellness programming for work groups. We facilitate the inclusion of workers in the co-design of their wellness strategies while applying human-performance technology, practice strategies, and holistic health education and training.

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Soft Tissue Management

soft tissue management

Hands-on soft tissue management and clinical support for early intervention, communication, and training to workers. This is a strategy to help learn about workplace hazards, communicate these to the business, and manage and mitigate soft tissue injury when the early signs of discomfort arise in muscle, tendon and ligament: neck pain, headaches, shoulder pain, back pain, hip pain, calf pain, or abdominal discomforts. It is an early intervention and surveillance service to help advice best-practice work intervention. The practice blends holistic healing, on-site task analysis, and workplace design considerations. Contributing factors such as nutrition, hydration, or anxiety may be addressed. Regular contracted service can be arranged on-site for the most effective practice.

Office Workstation Design

office workstation design

We are able to work or partner with interior design firms to help create the most agile work strategy specific to customised worker population needs and in accordance with Green Building Ergonomics Credit for Office Interiors and working toward the International Well Building Institute standards.



Viva Health at Work offer on-site and off-site training modules including: hydration and healthy eating; sleep and fatigue; take a load off your shoulders; COMPASS training, working inside out; workplace retreats.

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